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Born PHILLIP MICHAEL CALLAGHAN on the 15th August 1981 In Walsgrave, Coventry. Phillip always had a passion for poetry throughout School and higher education. Over 15 years he had collected a huge amount of personal work, and decided it was time to arrange them into a collection. His passion for writing would include, love, life, loss, seasons, nature and stars that light our night time sky, he has a way with words, that lets the reader imagine beyond their own reality. 


“...on a chance encounter on social media i posted a poem,  this was seen by one of my favourit artists, Phillip Presswood. I was asked if i would write a lyric to a piece he was working on at the time, naturally i obliged, and "i will reach to you" was born... along with "Autumn stars, This December Day and Lullaby" which can be heard on the album

"Beauty For Ashes" available on Itunes.

Since working along side Presswood, I was given the opportunity to record some of my favorite Enya songs. Visit the home page to see their links.

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